Configure your pizza peel

What kind of pizzaiolo are you? Whether you are a professional, an informed amateur or if you occasionally try to prepare pizza you will surely have specific needs.
Do you want the perfect peel for you? We help you find it!


In this section you can build your perfect pizza peel and we will send it to you just as you created it.
Follow the instructions step by step:
• choose what kind of pizzaiolo you are
• if you are an amateur or occasional pizzaiolo, specify the frequency with which you will use your peel
• if you are a professional pizza maker, select the type of pizza you intend to make

Then you can continue on your own to design your ideal pizza peel…. Which will materialize on the screen in front of your eyes! Don’t worry if you make a wrong choice: you can always change it before purchasing.
For anything you need, one of our assistants will be at your disposal in the special chat!