Frequent questions

Do I need both pizza peel and small pizza peel to make the pizza?

Yes, they are two tools designed for different use and both are necessary.
The peel to bake is light and easy, entirely made of aluminum. It is as big as the pizza, because it has to completely support the dough disk.
The small peel, on the other hand, is used to turn the pizza during cooking to ensure that it is cooked evenly: the reduced size of the head allows the pizzaiolo to easily rotate the pizza.
Finally, at the end of cooking, the pizza is stiff enough to be taken out of the oven directly with the small peel, even if the diameter is smaller than the pizza size. Thanks to the material it is made of, the small peel is highly resistant to the heat

Can I shorten the handle?

The handle is available in different lengths depending on the depth of the oven in which it is to be used. In the event that it is still necessary to shorten it, it is possible to do it easily, since it is made of aluminum: simply remove the cap at the end of the handle, cut to the desired length with a hacksaw for metal and reposition the cap.

If the pizza peel remains in the oven is it damaged?

Yes, the pizza peel is made partially or totally made of aluminum, a material that guarantees lightness but is not suitable for prolonged to the heat. If you keep your peel into the oven, it will bend, definitely

Is the stainless steel pizza peel better than the aluminum one?

The steel pizza peel is heavier and more resistant and has a less sliding surface than the aluminum one, so it is less easy to use.
The aluminum pizza peel is easier to handle and has a smoother surface.

What is the difference between the rectangular and the round pizza peel?

With the rectangular pizza peel it is easier to load the pizza, thanks to the larger contact surface.
With the round peel it is sometimes easier to put the pizza in the oven: when you have to place it next to other pizzas already in the oven, in fact, the operation becomes easier because the round blade allows better maneuverability, within the confined space of the oven.

Why are some pizza peels are perforated?

To slide the pizza on the pizza peel it is necessary to sprinkle the surface with a small quantity of flour: in this way the dough flows without friction. If the peel is not pierced, that flour remains trapped between the peel itself and the dough and, when the pizza is baked, it settles on the hot surface of the oven, carbonizing.
The flour that burns, first of all, will produce smoke and blackish residues, which will dirty the oven and must be removed with a brush, before cooking again.
Secondly, some of that flour will stick to the pizza, forming a burnt crust that will alter its taste.
The holes, therefore, are necessary to eliminate the excess flour: in this way you avoid dirtying the oven and ruining the flavor of the pizza.

Do plastic parts get damaged by heat?

The slides of the small peels are made with a special heat-resistant polymer, suitable for protecting the hands of the pizzaiolo. If the small peel is left in the oven, direct exposure to a temperature above 300 ° C will damage it irreparably.

Can I wash the pizza peels ?

The pizza peels must be washed with neutral detergent, before their first use and after each use.

Are the rivets solid?

The rivets used are the result of thirty years of experience, guaranteeing maximum solidity and durability over time.

Can I sharpen the wheels?

Only the wheels of the professional line can be re-sharpened: they are made of tempered stainless steel and can be sharpened just like a good quality knife

What are the advantages of metal over wood?

Metal offers a number of important advantages in terms of ease of use and hygiene. In particular, aluminum is light, flexible, resistant, durable over time, it is easy to clean and guarantees a surface that is unfavorable to bacterial proliferation.

How are utensils washed?

The utensils are washed with a neutral, non-aggressive detergent.

How long does the heat of the pizza remain in the bags and boxes?

The answer to this question depends on several factors: using a thermal bag together with a simple box has different results from using the same bag combined with an insulated box.
The best solution is to use the insulated box with the thermal bag inside. Obviously, the external temperature influences the heat retention of the bags and boxes, therefore it must be considered in the evaluation, as in the example below. If the insulated box is used in combination with the bag, assuming an external temperature of 15 degrees, there is a variation of one degree per minute: if we consider that, in most cases 20 minutes are more than enough to carry out the home delivery of the pizza, the passage of this period of time does not prevent the pizza from reaching its destination while still hot.

Do you have boxes or bags for transporting other foods besides pizza?

Yes, a bag with top opening is also available for sale, suitable for transporting trays with pasta, salads, sushi …

Are the trolleys easy to assemble? And are they sturdy?

All the trolleys that are for sale on Restostore are designed and built to be shipped in a small package, with the aim of limiting transport costs and storage spaces. Not for this they are less robust: the catalog clearly indicates the maximum permissible weight. Assembly is really simple, with a few, but sturdy, steel screws.

Are the products sold on Restostore made in Italy?

Almost all of the products sold on Restostore are made in Italy: there are some exceptions, clearly highlighted on the relative labels, as required by current legislation

How can I pay?

The accepted payment methods are as follows: credit card, advance bank transfer, paypal.

How long does it take to receive the goods?

The time of receipt of the goods varies according to the destination.
The time indicated begins to run from receipt of payment: if you paid by credit card or paypal, the time indicated in the table starts immediately; if you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, the times will start from the moment the transfer is received on the Restostore account.

I purchased with VAT number and I want to return a defective product, what can I do?

Any complaints relating to the packaging, quantity, number or external characteristics of the Products must be:

• Immediately challenged, placing “written control reserve” (and specifying the reason for the reservation) on the courier’s proof of delivery, and confirmed, reporting the reservations raised, by sending an email to Sassenach s.r.l., within 8 days of receiving the Products.
• In the absence of the reserve to the courier and the consequent communication, within 8 days of receipt of the products, Sassenach s.r.l., as established above, will lose the right to the guarantee.


• you must examine the goods or have them examined as soon as possible.
• you can no longer assert the defects of the goods if you do not report them to Sassenach s.r.l. by email, specifying the nature of these defects, within 8 (eight) days from the date on which the goods were actually delivered to you.
• the guarantee for defects, defects and / or non-conformities referred to above is provided for a period of 6 months starting from the date of delivery of the goods.
• the complaint must indicate exactly the defect and the products to which it refers. These must be faults or defects such as to make the goods unsuitable for the use for which they are intended.
• Sassenach s.r.l. undertakes to replace or repair (at its own choice) the defective goods within 15 (fifteen) days from the communication of the defect. After notification, the defective goods or their parts must be returned to Sassenach s.r.l. at the latter’s expense, following the customer service instructions. In this case Sassenach s.r.l. replaces or repairs, at its option, goods that are found to be defective following inspection.
• upon receipt of the goods, you must, first of all, check that the number of packages withdrawn complies with the transport document and that they are not damaged.
• If the goods or their packaging are damaged or if some goods are missing, you must notify the carrier of the necessary reservations in accordance with the formalities required for the respective mode of transport, otherwise the guarantee will be lost.
• Sassenach s.r.l. is exempt from the warranty for defects if you have not made correct use of the products or if you have altered or modified them or if you have not promptly communicated to Sassenach s.r.l., via email, the defects or lack of conformity of the products pursuant to the previous articles.
• Sassenach s.r.l. is exempt from any liability if:

• the defects of the products are due to events of force majeure, or to your or your customers’ fault or negligence;
• the products or part of them have been used or stored improperly by you or by your customers.

• Sassenach s.r.l. has the right to withdraw defective products from the market at its own expense, making use, as far as possible, of your collaboration.
• With the sole exclusion of cases of willful misconduct by Sassenach srl, the sole responsibility of the latter towards you, for the supply of the products, is limited to the obligation to repair and / or replace the defective and / or non-compliant products .
• Under no circumstances will Sassenach s.r.l. be liable for any reason whatsoever. will extend to any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or losses suffered by you due to defects and / or lack of conformity of the products
• If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.